May. 31st, 2013

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Tales of...

Tales of the Abyss:

[personal profile] lightfabre | post-final battle version | Luke fon Fabre

[personal profile] endofjourney | end game version | Luke fon Fabre

[personal profile] noturherro | AU version | Luke fon Fabre

[personal profile] malkuthbabysitter | end of game version | Gailardia Galan Gardios/Guy Cecil

[personal profile] ashesofregret | pre-death | Asch the Bloody

[personal profile] notyourluke | post-Akzeriuth | Asch the Bloody

[personal profile] professorawesome | pre-death version | Professor Gelda Nebilim

Tales of Symphonia manga:

[personal profile] memoriesofsnow | end of story version | Zelos Wilder

[personal profile] myzelosnotyours | end of story version | Seles Wilder

[personal profile] marteldisapproves | end of story version | Martel Yggdrasil

Final Fantasy...

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:

Journal coming soon! | pre-Sephiroth arrival | Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VIII:

[personal profile] facexpalm | post-Rinoa's coma | Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy X:

Journal coming soon! | post-final battle | Tidus

Final Fantasy XII:

Journal coming soon! | end of game version | Vaan

Kingdom Hearts...

Kingdom Hearts II:

[personal profile] rikuheyriku | epilogue version | Sora

[personal profile] roadtodarkness | epilogue version | Riku

Journal coming soon! | Battle of 1000 Heartless | Demyx

Journal coming soon! | Pre-merge with Sora | Roxas

Journal coming soon! | end of game | Hayner


.hack//G.U. volume 1

Journal coming soon! | end of game | Haseo

.hack//G.U. volume 2

Journal coming soon! | pre-coma | Alkaid

Journal coming soon! | end of game | Haseo

Teen Wolf...

Season Four

Journal coming soon! | end of season | Scott

Journal coming soon! | just after Scott leaves with Deucalion | Stiles

Deadman Wonderland (manga)...

Early Chapters or Pre-Story

[personal profile] woodpeckermaruta | just before Senji shows up | Ganta Igarashi/Woodpecker

[personal profile] reasontolive | just before Toto's final match (slight AU) | Mitsuzaki Yosuga/Finch

Chapter 50, or later

[personal profile] cry_cry_birdie | just before crystal is cracked | Ganta Igarashi/Woodpecker
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Name: Luke fon Fabre
Age: 19 (though he is technically only 9 years old, if you count years of existence.
Height: 5 ft., 7 in.
Weight: 160 lbs.
Birth date:December 25th
Abilities: Exceptional skill with the sword, pretty skilled at cooking, making Asch angry could also count as an ability for him.

Personality: He is a genuinely good guy. He will do whatever he can to help you out, if he knows there is even a chance of doing so. He is also new to apologizing and apparently it is written in his mind to make up for lost time doing so. ♥

He is loyal, easy to read, and somewhat gullible/naive. Something that could be considered a good thing is... he is incredibly easy to read. This is likely a result of him not being a very good liar? Either way, he is someone easy to rely on in practically any given situation!

Fandom: Video game; Tales of the Abyss

History: HERE.


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